Our Approach

We love working with technology, but it’s helping people achieve their personal and business goals that gives us the greatest satisfaction.

Quality is important and this is reflected in our ISO 9001 certification and acceptance onto the UK Governments Digital Marketplace

Data security and client confidentiality is important, this is why we're certified to the UK Governments Cyber Essentials standard.

Our Story

Ingenuity Systems is a combination of three successful businesses and a collaboration between three hi-tech professionals, people who run their own businesses with a combined experience of some 45+ years working in the technology sector in Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific.

Between us we've designed and built, or helped design and build and deliver hardware and software solutions for communication, collaboration and data management projects for customers of all sizes.

We want to sit down with you and fully understand your business before we start talking technology, that's the only way to ensure you get value from your investment in us and the solutions we provide.

Ingenuity Systems a trading name of Cleartext Ltd in collaboration with Ingenuity IT & Eurocom Research.

Meet the Team

We've got complementary skills in R&D, procurement, licensing and technical support.
We are experienced across the tech space from hardware to cloud, mobile to servers and Apple Mac, Open Source and Microsoft.

Barry Saunders - Eurocomm Research

Barry Saunders

Technical Design & Strategy

The boffin of the team, invents hardware and software solutions.

David Banes - Cleartext Systems

David Banes

Licensing & Procurement

Process driven, a project planner, focussed on detail and quality.

Matt Simpson - Ingenuity IT

Matt Simpson

Delivery & Support Services

It's all about customer service, the customer is always right.

Next Steps...

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