Licensing Procurement

We've helped our customers and partners source solutions for government, utilities, teleco's, healthcare, insurance, finance and legal sectors to organisations from tens to thousands of employees in a global market.

Often a technology solution to a business problem requires commercial off the shelf as well as bespoke solutions. The sourcing, licensing and management of those licenses can be managed by us.

You benefit from our extensive experience in licensing and billing and our ability to offer licensing and payment solutions that fit your business model as well as ours.

End User Customers

Using our extensive industry knowledge and contacts to connect best-in-class IT solutions from leading vendors. Providing expert sales, technical and admin support that eliminates hassle and saves time and money

Reseller Partners

Resellers & IT Services companies benefit from expert technical support, flexible account management and billing.

We provide resellers with best-in-class IT solutions combined with rapid, expert technical service, and flexible account management practices. This gives peace of mind and allows you to provide outstanding service to your customers.

Vendor Suppliers

Software & Cloud vendors benefit from efficient, trouble-free channel management

We use our channel management experience and technical expertise to provide software and cloud services vendors with increased sales, satisfied customers and a reduced administrative, technical service and financial burden.

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