We design and build integrated information technology solutions to improve business efficiency. These solutions encompass the full technology stack from hardware so software and cloud based services, with desktop and mobile in the mix and security and compliance front of mind. Whether you are a startup needing products or services built or an established business we can help.

Technical Design & Strategy

We specialise in ideas that are underpinned by any use of hardware and software. From small hardware devices that use micro controllers right up to platform software systems for Software as a Service (SaaS) in the Cloud.

Licensing & Procurement

We’ve helped our customers and partners source solutions for government, utilities, telco’s, healthcare, insurance, finance and legal sectors to organisations from tens to thousands of employees in a global market.

Delivery & Support Services

Our comprehensive range of technical services covers everything from delivering audits, systems and processes to building and supporting complex business information technology infrastructures created with bespoke solutions.

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From funding to requirements, specifications, design, delivery and support.

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From Design to Delivery

Our services encompass the complete solution lifecycle from idea to delivery and even end of life or migration into new systems.

The services cover technology research, product and service development and licensing whether that's bespoke hardware or software as well as delivery and support of these systems and commercial off the shelf (COTS) solutions.

Whether you are a startup looking for help commercialising technology and taking it to market via our extensive partner network, or a business looking to technology to bring gains in efficiency or productivity we can help.

Services we Offer

  • Digital Transformation Services - Example
  • Bespoke Software Application Development - Examples
  • Interim Technical Director/CTO Services
  • Product Funding, Design and Build Consultancy
  • Hardware Design and Build Services
  • IT Audits and Emerging IT Consultancy
  • Mergers and Acquisitions IT Rationalisation Services
  • IT Project Planning for Business Relocation
  • Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) Systems Integration
  • Supply of and License Management of COTS systems.

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