Mobile, desktop, server, cloud.

We have the experience and technical expertise to develop bespoke solutions and undertake systems integration projects. With completed projects that include the breadth and depth of information, communication, security and compliance technologies we're highly skilled at developing bespoke solutions using a mix of products and services.

Bespoke CRM

Nominal Objects

A straightforward CRM, simple, elegant, fast customer & task management in the cloud for a small services based business. Safely record all your customer, contact. sales, documents, files and activity data in one secure cloud based platform with webmail and SMS built in. Read more here...

Mobile App

CRM App for Nominal Objects

An HTML5, CSS and Javascript app to sit alongside the desktop web site based CRM. Developed using standards based development technology integrated with a mobile app platform similar to Adobe's PhoneGap.

Web Based Database System

Motoring Festival Registration

A complete online package encompassing a domain name, web site, entrant registration, booking and management system. We can even supply the email inboxes for the domain name. Of course we can supply our amazing entrant registration, booking and management system on it's own as well. Read more here...

Cross Platform App

Enterprise Social Messaging

A desktop application for Windows and Apple Mac connected via software as a service (cloud) to various messaging platforms such as Twitter, Jabber IM, Jaiku and and other standards based (XMPP) platform. The platform allowed all communications to be filtered and archived to ensure compliance with relevant regulatory needs of the customer, a London based commodities broker.